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Team Parachute were approached by for a full aesthetic upgrade of their website, which needed to be ready for their national launch on the 28th of June.

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Team Parachute were recently approached by for a full aesthetic upgrade of their website, which needed to be ready for their national launch on the 28th of June.

 The Initial Meet

Upon meeting with Managing Director Ryan O’Rorke we sought to understand the style and direction Flavourly wished to portray.

It quickly became clear that we needed to overhaul the site and pull it in a new visual direction.

A Changing Palette

After initial discussions had concluded we began to address the colour scheme. We wanted to move Flavourly toward a more organic, wholesome and elegant style that was infused with a modern vibe.

After some research things began to take shape and we settled on a natural palette of greens, browns, oranges and a few cheeky pastels thrown into the mix to keep things fresh.

The Visuals

We needed the visual layout of the site to be clear, simple and responsive. The Call To Actions had to be bold but not brash. With this in mind, we began to wire-frame and mock-up the new look. A grid-like structure ensured clean lines while aiding responsiveness. A flourish of custom icons gave a little visual ‘je ne sais quoi’.

With a few revisions and amendments we were well on our way.

Ready for Launch




Flavourly Redesign by Decoded

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Written By David Bova

David Bova

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