Is your business “Pinterest-ing” enough?

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Pinterest is a fast growing social media site with over 10 million unique users. For those of you not familiar, imagine it like a ‘virtual pin board’ where businesses and individuals can scrapbook their brand and what they love online. You are able to “pin” and “like” images that interest you as well as categorise them into groups such as fashion and technology.

For businesses using Pinterest as a platform to reach out to consumers, the categories can allow them to remain professional and personal simultaneously. As well as helping to engage with consumers and socialize over their brand and other potential common interests which can help build loyal and trusting relationships.

If you are a fun, creative type then it is a great way to express yourself and brand. Pinterest allows you to display your work online to potential consumers and create an online portfolio filled with personality. Through researching your pins and those who have pinned, repinned and liked you, you can get a better insight to what’s popular and trending right now and who is interested in you. The more you share, the better your results.

The Dos of Pinterest;
The ways to do it right and the ways to do it best!

Pinterest is applicable to any individual you don’t necessarily need to run a business or be developing a brand although the same rules apply if you want to be noticed. It brings many benefits to internet users whether it is for business or fun.

Five main benefits Pinterest can bring your business;

Pinterest is really a worldwide phenomenon which is still being discovered by new users every day. To think of how far it has come already, makes it even more exciting when anticipating the further growth it is certain to have.

Whether you are an individual or a business, Pinterest will certainly have something for you. Pinterest is just beginning its journey of success, with users having just started to scratch the surface of its potential.

So get pinning, get liking, and get Pinterest.

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Hollie MacLeod is on a work placement with us, and is a newbie to the blogging world!