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Our most recent What We’ve Learned From, comes from a massive well known craze of the past year. I’m sure just about all of you are aware of the phenomenon that is Candy Crush.

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Our most recent What We’ve Learned From, comes from a massive well known craze of the past year. I’m sure just about all of you are aware of the phenomenon that is Candy Crush, the fun and entertaining way to kill a few minutes while you’re waiting on the bus or the microwave to ‘ping’!

Although, I can still bet a few of you maybe haven’t quite given in yet and succumbed to this obsessive trend. My advice, keep it that way.

However, we have taken one positive thing from the crazy phase of it all, and that is with Candy Crush come important lessons that we can adapt when using social media.

Be Addictive.
If Candy Crush was to be described in a word then that is simply ADDICTIVE. Regardless of the frustration of not completing levels for weeks, we couldn’t help but keep coming back for more.

Whether you are networking personally or for a business in particular, one thing is for certain, you want followers, likes, pins etc. and lots of them. The more you get then the further you will virtually expand your brand. By using interesting content you will get lots of views and people are likely to keep coming back. Especially if you are as exciting as the prospect of swiping two colour bombs together!

Make life easy.
You don’t want to over complicate your content by using piles of jargon that nobody can understand or relate to. Otherwise people may start pulling out their hair just like they do after spending a week on the same level of Candy Crush. You can’t really put a limit on levels of frustration people can reach.

This goes for repetition too. You don’t want to repeat the same information over and over, that’s boring and there are plenty of ways to engage people without bombarding them with repeated jargon. You wouldn’t catch Candy Crush repeating the same level twice now, would you?

Be Aesthetic
Like Candy Crush’s bright, colourful, “in your face” appearance you want to be pleasing and engaging users through visuals too. Using an array of pictures, videos, animations and graphics you can attract more viewers as unlike with words people instantly connect with one look.

Stay Relevant.
Like I said before, if you aren’t aware of this Candy Crush craze, then despite being fortunate, you probably live under a rock. It is just that big. Everyone was playing it. But despite its massive popularity and instant success, it no longer is such hype.
That is the part that you as a brand want to avoid.

Stay relevant, up-to-date and keep it fresh. Relate yourself to occasions, news, themes, lifestyles etc. Vary it up from time to time too, with the occasional unexpected statement or two. (Within reason, of course!!)

Most importantly though, Have Fun!
Having fun with it is what it’s all about, draw the line when it comes to mixing personal views and business views, but other than that, enjoy! It is a game at the end of the day. Enjoy using social media as it really has such variety and potential.

There are so many ways to develop your brand online and so many social media sites to choose from and spread yourself across, from Facebook to Twitter, or Instagram to Youtube, there is something for everyone and everything.

To conclude, yes Candy Crush is frustrating but we know you still secretly play any chance you get.

About the Author
Hi, my names Hollie. I am a Candy Crush addict. It has been almost 3 months since my last crush.

photo credit: Playing Candy Crush on ipad via photopin (license)

Written By Hollie MacLeod

Hollie MacLeod

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