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What We’ve Learned From Breaking Bad

Those of you who know us will probably be aware that we are big fans of Breaking Bad and here it is again teaching us more lessons that we should consider when online.

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Those of you who know us will probably be aware that we are big fans of Breaking Bad and here it is again teaching us more lessons that we should be considering when online.

Breaking Bad is awesome, we love it, you love it… well we assume you do, because if you don’t you probably haven’t watched it yet. If that is the case then book a week off work ASAP and get it seen!

We can’t help but envy its success and popularity, two traits that businesses all over aspire to be. From it we have learnt many things, like NEVER listen to Walter White and probably not to hire Saul Goodman as your lawyer.

However, we are much more interested in the lessons it has taught us in becoming more prominent across social media. Crazy, you think? Well, take a look at these transferable skills that we adopted from the series.


      1. You want people to like you as much as Walter Jr. likes breakfast. (Which is A LOT!)

        By providing interesting content you will appeal much more to your users. Tell a story in your caption that makes people stop and look. The more relevant you are, the more you are likely to have consistent attention from users and further increase your fan base.

        From sharing capturing, witty and quality photographs and/or videos you will draw in users everywhere and soon those likes and follows will be climbing.

        Engage with Others
      2. If the roof asked for the pizza, that’s when Walt should have given it the pizza.

        Listen to your audience and the way they act towards you online. By paying attention to them you will better understand what they are enjoying the most about you and maybe what they would like to see more of.

        Sharing, retweeting and engaging with them on a more personal level will help to create relationships between you and the users. Particularly if you are a brand as it can strengthen loyalty between you and consumers.

      3. “Ding, DIng, DINg, DING!!” Okay, Hector Salamanca, we heard you after the first ding!

        Try your best to not be so repetitive. You don’t want people getting bored of you to the point they have lost all interest or worst start replying offensively.

        You’ve got to mix it up to keep people interested, use surprising captions that people may not normally expect. (Within reason of course).

      4. #IAmTheOneWhoKnocks or #SayMyName

        The point here is basically hashtags. Hashtags help keep you fresh and allow people to find you much quicker. Users too can join in on hashtags helping to promote campaigns or to find others with common interests.

        The more clear, clever and relative they are the better. Creating phrases can instantly connect users with brands, businesses and even TV programmes, like the examples above.

      5. Mix work and play, Jesse Pinkman style.

        Basically enjoy it. Enjoy using the net and interacting with others because at the end of the day, that is what it is for. It is a great tool that can really help you develop your Personal Brand or that of a business. Just remember to do it well.

In conclusion, if you ever find yourself struggling or striving for success then don’t start cooking meth, just try out social media instead!

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I’m Hollie and I finished every season of Breaking Bad in less than a week, I have no regrets.

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Hollie MacLeod

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