Internet Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Today, all businesses are faced with mountains of choice when it comes to marketing their business.

Should we go viral? Should we keep it simple? Maybe we’ll just wing it? – If anything… NEVER do that.

Although it does create much confusion for businesses as the last thing they need or want is to invest time, money and effort into a failed idea.

We certainly wouldn’t knock any option, a lot of the time it depends on your brand and target audience to really determine what will work best for you. Here, we are going to weigh up the pros and cons for both Internet Marketing and Traditional Marketing.

Hopefully we can assist you in better making these all important decisions.

Traditional Marketing

When we talk about “traditional marketing” what we refer to specifically are direct sales, through media such as radio, mail & print advertising. Pros of Traditional Marketing:

Cons of Traditional Marketing:

Internet Marketing

Now with a look at the viral side of marketing and how the internet has helped many business achieve sales and status. The combination of website creation, social media, email, banner ads etc. are the strategies many businesses use when targeting online audiences.

Pros of Internet Marketing

Cons of Internet Marketing

But what is best?

Way before internet, there was no question; traditional marketing was the one and only option. But since the internet craze began, consumers very much expect all businesses to have an online presence.

The key though… is balance! Both methods are important. The affordability and effectiveness of internet marketing has led experts to believe that 80% of your marketing should be invested in online whilst the other 20% takes up traditional marketing methods.

It’s all about the ratio! 

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