For the past few weeks we have been hearing about Ello.

Yes, we have spell checked this blog before we hit publish, do not adjust your sets… It’s not a typo.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Ello appears to be the up and coming social media platform for those in the know. Sort of like the bouncing baby brother of Facebook. However what makes this platform special is that it is completely ad free… and always will be.

Now, we have heard this before. After all, most social media platforms were ad free to begin with. However, Ello just made a very interesting move. By registering itself as a Public Benefit Corporation, the site is legally bound to stay ad free. This also goes for any company who may purchase Ello in the future.

Just recently the founder of Ello, Paul Budnitz, promised that any information it gathers on you will only be used for the purposes of the advancement of the platform, and not to sell on to the advertising suit who can jump the highest, as is the norm with other social media channels.

It also claims that you can opt out of this process, meaning that no data will be collected from you. Ello describes itself as “a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network…”


Why don’t we have a look at some of the facts you should know before you ask for an invite:

The site has a feature list set out. Bear in mind this is still in Beta. Here’s a short sample:

So from the facts we have so far, is Ello a worthy avenue to pursue? We’re not so sure. Only time will tell but we’re actually looking forward to seeing how this one pans out.

Have you tried Ello? Let’s hear your thoughts and remember you can say Ello on Facebook (sorry!) or tweet us @thisisparachute