The Scottish Edge Final 2014

For those of you who don’t know, last night (9th December 2014) was the Scottish Edge Final.

If you are scratching your head right now wondering “Who is ScotEdge?” then take a second to read their bio –

All done? Brilliant! Well, we were there (I say ‘we’…. I mean ‘I’) to lend a hand and generally just enjoy the excitement of the day. Presented by Carol Smillie and held at the RBS Conference Centre (which is a deceptively big place by the way), the purpose of the awards was a live Dragons Den scenario. With up to £100,000 at stake, budding entrepreneurs from all over Scotland applied to pitch their business to the ScotEdge judging panel comprising of Sir Tom Hunter, Alison Rose, Bill Morrow, Kevin Dorren and Eleanor Mitchell.

Overall, it was an amazing event to witness. If anyone who was pitching yesterday is reading this, you were rock stars! The calibre of pitches was exceptionally high and everyone was a credit to their business, whether successful in being awarded money or not.

Geek Retreat pitching with the aid of… their geek!


To break up the, frankly, intense wait between pitching and the awards being announced, stalls were available to be perused including that of Samsung (one of the ScotEdge Final 2014 supporters and showcasing a virtual reality unit which can only be described as WOW… followed by a little bit of drooling), Amazon Web Services (another official supporter), Graduate Genie (sorry again about that whole picture misunderstanding…), Adopt an Intern and many more.

The lovely ladies of Graduate Genie.
ScotEdge 2014 Partner Samsung let us take the Gear VR for a test drive!
The lovely Carol Smillie presenting during the pitches.


16 of the 21 businesses that pitched were awarded money, as well as 10 Young Edge winners who were awarded monies ranging from £5,000 to £10,000. Very well done to everyone who was involved. As was evident yesterday, those who did not win the money should not be disheartened. After all, it was 2nd, 3rd or 4th time lucky for a lot of the winners there (and you did beat like, 9,979 other businesses to get to the final so well done for that!)

Cheers ScotEdge!

The ScotEdge14 Finalists.


A full list of all last nights winners is available here –