Twitter vs. the Troll

Last December, Twitter announced that they were improving their users safety with some crucial updates, including a simpler way to block and report harassment and abuse.

Now in a continuing effort to improve their usability,  they have rolled out new improvements around reporting “other content issues including impersonation, self-harm and the sharing of private and confidential information.” Since their initial announcement, Twitter has seen an influx in the number or report and blocks from their users – stating that it has had to triple the amount of staff handling abuse reports. The process in which Twitter reviews and handles these reports has also been improved in the last 6 months resulting in the review of 5 times as many user reports as before, in a much quicker fashion.

So how will Twitter continue to improve the safety of their users? Perhaps in a similar fashion to YouTube’s attempt to de-anonymise users? Considering the intense backlash that received, perhaps not…

Whatever Twitter has planned, it certainly is a step in the right direction in the fight against cyber bullying.