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February has only just left us, but already the start of the year seems like a lifetime ago – especially with social media developments. In the two short months of 2015, we’ve had more updates than we can shake an iPhone at. Here’s a short round up of some of the latest updates to be had from our favourite social media networks… a #ICYMI* if you will. Let’s have a look at the top 5 stories.

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    • Twitter Vs The Troll

Twitter brought the heat recently in a bid to fight online trolling and abuse. These crucial updates make it easier for users to block and report those who they believe are violating Twitter’s code of conduct. These new features have proved popular, resulting in a mass increase in staff to deal with these user reports.

    • Twitter Gets Real (Time)

In the midst of their mass flurry of updates, Twitter unveiled their native video updates in the best way possible – using Neil Patrick Harris. By now you will have noticed that you can record and upload videos directly to Twitter from your phone. So far this feature has proved popular, with many brands starting to adopt and utilise the feature in their campaigns.

    • Pinterest to Add Buy Button

Pinterest has been making headlines recently with the news that it reportedly plans to introduce a ‘Buy Now’ button, similar to Facebook and Twitter. The platform, which allows users to ‘pin’ content to their hearts desire, could introduce the button as early as this year, with Re/Code reporting we could see it within the next 3-6 months. This seems like the natural next step for Pinterest to take, after all, most of its users’ content revolves around e-commerce of some sort – we think they’re onto a winner here!


    • Facebook Product Ads

Ah Facebook ads, sometimes they’re good and sometimes… not so much. For example, your business wants to advertise on Facebook but you don’t necessarily have one headlining product. You want to advertise a lot of stuff but can’t do yourself justice with only one image. Fret no longer, dear readers, the future is here. Introducing Product Ads on Facebook. Advertisers can now promote multiple products within the one space using some very crafty algorithms which help you get your products noticed by the right people.


    • Twitter/Google Team Up

It’s the biggest team up of the year. No… we’re not talking about Spiderman coming home to Marvel (although yay to that!). We’re talking about Google and Twitter. Have you ever experienced the pain of searching for a tweet posted months ago? Well, thanks to this frankly awesome (if not overdue) team up, the giants have solved a problem which left regular tweeters pulling out their tail feathers. Now you can search for Tweets using Google! Go ahead… try it. Quick right?

We are expecting big things from social media over the course of this year. Have you tried the updates? Do you have any ideas what you would like to see introduced? Tell us on Facebook or jump over to Twitter and tweet us!


*For those not quite up with the lingo ICYMI means “In Case You Missed It”.

photo credit: #thebirds via photopin (license)
photo credit: Keep Calm & Pin On – Red via photopin (license)

Written By Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

Ashley is our Client Service Executive, working to deliver top drawer content marketing and social media campaigns for our clients.

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