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Facebook Money Transfer Has Landed

Ever wish you could just send your friend that money you owe them as soon as they bring it up in a messenger chat? Well, now you can (if you live in the US that is) with only a few clicks!

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Following in the footsteps of Gmail, Facebook have announced that they are unrolling a feature which will allow us to send money through their popular messenger app.

paymentsPaying your friend for those gig tickets is now even easier and quicker. Just set up a bank card and away you go! Right now, this feature is only available in the US, but we think this will be a popular feature so we anticipate it won’t be long until we see it in the UK. You can read more about this new feature via Facebook.

What do you think? Would you use messenger to send money? Let us know on Facebook or tweet us @ThisisParachute.

Photo credit: Facebook Messenger App via Kārlis Dambrāns / CC 2.0


Written By Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

Ashley is our Client Service Executive, working to deliver top drawer content marketing and social media campaigns for our clients.

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