#AprilFools 2015

Reddit’s “The Button”

Reddit announced “The Button” via their blog yesterday morning. Once a thread has been published for 10 minutes, a timer and a button will activate with 60 seconds on the clock. The object of the game here is to make sure the clock never hits zero. So far there have been no reports of that happening – no-one even knows what happens if it should! While this is classed as an April fools, the button and timer are still running, head over to /r/thebutton to check it out for yourself.

Goals Launch Their 47th Football Centre

Our friends over at Goals Soccer Centre know football. But football on an tiny island (yes that is an official island)? Perhaps not…


 West Jet – Best way to board a plane #SmartSeats

Boarding a plane has always been painful. The queues, the squeezing past, the tripping over luggage, but Canadian airline WestJet have found a way to revolutionise air travel forever. Let us introduce you to #SmartSeats. Simply grab a seat in the waiting lounge and lie back! The interesting thing about this April Fools is that, with some tweaking, this isn’t a bad idea.


Google Maps Out Pac Man

Lost? Pull up Google Maps and you won’t care. This April Fools has to be played to be appreciated. Find a destination on the map and with the click of a button, Google will transform the map into a game of Pac Man. Have fun!  


A New Addition To The Marmite Family

Say hello to Marmite Clear. Secret fan? Worry no more about the judgemental stares as you slather your toast – no-one will ever know!


So, April Fools is over for another year. What do you think of our top picks, did we miss any? Let us know on Facebook or tweet us @ThisIsParachute