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The Ice Bar Cometh

Our good friends over at Snow Factor have just launched the coolest bar in Scotland and Team Parachute were there to join in the fun, festivities and minor frostbite!

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As you may know by now, our friends over at Snow Factor have just launched the coolest bar in Scotland and we were invited to the launch.

If you’ve never visited Snow Factor before, you’re missing out! As soon as you have finished reading this, get yourself over to INTU Braehead and get skiing. But back to our point. Set within the complex, the team have constructed a bar made entirely of ice. Yes, you read that right. We’re talking Elsa full on letting it go, Frozen ice!

The first of its kind in Scotland, BALTIC Ice Bar was constructed over 3 months with 100 blocks of ice. So dedicated to the theme, even the glasses are made of ice. Check out our pictures if you don’t believe us. We should also make mention of the ice throne – yes, they had a throne… made of ice.


We meant it about those glasses…


A special ski slope designed for alcohol


Our lovely intern Cyrielle looking particularly stylish in her snug coat


The bromance is real…


(Most of) Team Parachute


If I licked the wall… what are the chances my tongue would get stuck?


The bar is constructed from 100 blocks of solid ice… and a handbag apparantly!


The Throne of Ice


Dapper Michael


Try saying your drink’s warm in one of these


A true bromance lasts forever…

Think the Ice Bar looks as awesome as we promise it is? You can find out all about it via the Snow Factor website.


Photo Credit: What You Try, Everyday via Flikr / CC 2.0

Photo Credit: Ice Cube via Flikr / CC 2.0

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