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Michael: Creative Director/Daredevil?

We have some very exciting news in the #TeamParachute office this week. Specifically: Michael. Our favourite Creative Director is going to be challenging himself to do what no man with hair as styled as his has done before…

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We like to think we’re grounded people – literally. Love our feet right there on the ground!

However, we know that when an opportunity to do something really great for some good people comes around, we’re all for it. That is why Michael, our Creative Director, is taking the plunge for charity.


Taking a well deserved break from all things Adobe Creative Suite (don’t worry, it’s only temporary… we hope!), he will be taking part in an abseil to help stop homelessness with Bethany Christian Trust on September 26th. That’s right folks, an ABSEIL. The thing with the massive building (in this case, Barns Ness Lighthouse in Dunbar), the rope and a lot of fresh air. We asked Michael how he thought he would react on the day;

When I stand, trembling with an intoxicating mix of fear and excitement, on the edge of that lighthouse with my life in my hands… remember me the way I was; awesome.

Can’t wait to get out there and embarrass myself 🙂

Now there is a confident and brave individual if ever there was one. Impressive right? We certainly think so. Aside from the actual abseil challenge, Michael also has to raise £200 and we’re going to help him! We’ve all donated to Michael and his fantastic cause, and you can too!

If you can, donate your Friday night takeout money to Michael to ensure his daringness helps as many people as possible. You can donate and keep an eye on his total here.

You can also show Michael your support on Facebook and Twitter! Head over now and give him a shout out (he’ll need it!).


Feature Image Credit: Thor vs Superman via Flikr (CC 2.0)

Written By Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

Ashley is our Client Service Executive, working to deliver top drawer content marketing and social media campaigns for our clients.

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