The Recipe for an Effective Content Mix

The content you create will depend on what you offer and hope to achieve. For the most part, an endless list of similar articles doesn’t work. Creating a content marketing strategy, for yourself or for a client, is a lot of work, but it’s important to achieve success.

Deciding on the right content mix is the first important step to take before you start publishing. Let’s take a look at what you should consider.

Business Considerations

Set out the considerations which will inform and create the mix. They could include brand focus, audience goals and interests, and industry experience. Knowing what your audience wants to read should be one of your most important considerations. This way, you know the angle to take and how to prioritise what you offer. One important piece of advice? Don’t stray into the unknown – your audience will know if you’re attempting to blag a topic.


Content Purpose

It’s likely your content will have more than one purpose, but you need to know what those are! Refer back to your research to map out the kind of content you need and know that it should have one main purpose. This could be informative or a how-to article. Other content purposes include expressing opinion or sharing industry resources.

Content Types

Looking back again to your brand focus and business resources, start to plan the content you can offer and how it will be delivered. The most common are blog posts, but you could include infographics, videos, eBooks, podcasts, and presentations using software such as SlideShare.

Content Mix and Schedule

Your content mix will be based on proportions, so mix it up! Everything should be relevant to your customer and reinforce the role of your brand and its value. You may choose to lead with informative content, so make this the priority, but you might also plan to include regular features of other kinds. For example:

  1. Written articles and blog posts – 1 per day
  2. Videos – 1 per week
  3. Infographics – 1 per fortnight
  4. eBooks/in-depth how-to articles – 1 per month

This way, you have a basic skeleton plan to work with. Your daily articles may work on the basis of informing one day, entertaining the next, and then persuading. Sticking to the mix you’ve chosen ensures your business has a regular flow of quality content to will keep readers engaged.

Evaluate and Review

After a few weeks, you should be able to gauge what’s working. Use any feedback you get and analytical data to see what areas have improved. In most instances you’ll want to tweak and change things and, in time, you’ll make just the right number of adjustments to deliver content like a pro!


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