Michael: Flying Without Wings

You may have heard us mention about Michael’s daring charity challenge of the past few weeks. If not, you can read about more about his pre-drop excitement right through here.

Well, on Saturday 26th September at approximately 14.37, Michael proved to all of us what he’s really made of. The legend that is suited up, signed a few autographs for kids and climbed the 121 feet to the top, all in the name of charity.

In honour of that fantastic accomplishment, we just wanted to say a massive well done to our favourite Creative Director! It wasn’t an easy challenge, but you were amazing in the name of charity – you didn’t even break a sweat! You can still support Michael here and thanks to those who already have. Together, we’ve already helped him raise a brilliant £200!

Now it’s your turn. Tweet us or send us a wee message on Facebook and let us know the best thing you’ve done for charity! From bake sales to bungee jumping, we want to hear them all!

photo credit: sexo débil 1 via photopin (license)