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When is it time for a Rebrand?

There will be times as your company grows and develops that its image needs to change but how do you know when it’s time to rebrand?

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A bit of change never hurt anyone, so is it time for a rebrand?

For Growth

If your business has expanded, it’s highly possible your original designs no longer represent what you now offer. If you have gone from providing traditional offline marketing support to digital marketing, your branding should to reflect this.

For Relevance

Even if your branding doesn’t need complete overhaul, little changes can be good. This could mean updating the colour, changing the logo or revitalising your strapline. Consistently evolving to provide relevant branding is essential for a business who wants to keep their customers interested.


For Damage Limitation

In the 21st century, epic fails happen. Fact. Paint a silver lining around that big, old raincloud and decide on a rebrand. Show the world that you’ve learned from your mistakes and are ready to move on.


For Common Sense

Many companies have invested in the wrong designer or branding expert and ended up with an identity which is… well… rubbish. If your company’s identity is no longer fit for purpose, it’s time to invest and find a face for your business you can be proud of.

Just remember to update all your business assets (social media feeds etc) once you’ve had a facelift.

Alternatively, give us a call for some expert advice! 🙂

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Written By Michael Haggerty

Michael Haggerty

Michael honed his design skills freelancing his way through university, building an impressive portfolio of branding exercises. He possesses an intuitive understanding of User Interface Design, a boundless creative streak and an attention to detail bordering on obsessive. A true digital artisan, Michael will take your brand’s aesthetic to the next level.

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  • Simon Jones

    Interesting… I run a pub quiz questions website and business ( and often creative block can be a problem. My solution is to do two things in tandem, a primary and secondary task, and when creative block occurs with the primary I move onto the secondary task and switch back after a while… this seems to always work. The hours can disappear when staring at a computer screen waiting for inspiration and that’s not good for any business.

  • Carlit

    Interesting article. The combination of both the techniques is truly the best strategy. The proof of traditional marketing still being important can be easily seen here :