8 Pieces of Tech Back to the Future Predicted!

“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!”

Ok, so we don’t use hover boards everyday, but it’s getting there. Lexus recently announced their effort in flying board awesomeness and it looks amazing. Check out Wired’s list of promising hover boards and in the mean time, remember we have wheelie balance boards to play with until our feet leave the ground.


Back in the 80’s, brick phones were still in their infancy (millenials take note: There was a time before Facebook and smartphones), and, at that point, video calling (Read: Facetiming) was a thing best left to Captain Kirk.


While this hasn’t been as successful as we all hoped, Google Glass and Occulus Rift were developed and released recently.

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Because how else will we unlock our iPhone? A passcode?

Millenials, I’m back with you. Raise your hands for a bit of Netflix and chill! The 80’s version of 2015 was spot on when they predicted we’d all be watching the latest movies on superflat screens. Speaking of films…

So, Jaws 19 is yet to hit a theatre near you (we did get a trailer though), but watching Titanic in 3D will never get old!

This is actually happening (kind of). No official word yet on the budget Citroen C-Hover, but we’re getting there.

Who’s up for a bit of Wii workout?


So not everything they envisioned back in the 80’s has materialised, but don’t worry Doc Brown thinks we’ll be ok!


Good luck Marty!


photo credit: DeLorean DMC-12 via photopin (license)
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