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Social Media Workshop: Facebook Advertising

Want to become the master of Facebook advertising? Read on for our top tips on how to succeed!

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After all the hard work that goes into creating good quality content for your social media channels, it can be disappointing when the return is not what you expected. The main reason for this can be that no-one knows you’re there!

Facebook advertising is a great way to get your page exposed to a large number of potential customers. Not only can you see a higher response rate on your feed, but also an increase in custom to what you are looking to market. It is simple to set up and can be highly effective in your overall social media campaign.

There are many variables to consider when you are advertising with Facebook:

Step 1 – Why Am I Advertising?

This is the very first question you should ask yourself when considering advertising. What is the end goal? Do you want people to Like your Facebook page? Do you have an event you want to promote? Or perhaps you’re trying to sell a product? The answer to your advertising goals will inform our next step.


Step 2 – What Advert Should I Run?

Facebook offers a large variety of advertising campaigns to suit your particular needs. I’ve listed the three I think you’ll use most often;

  • Boost Your Post
    • Use this to increase engagement on your post
  • Promote Your Page
    • Use this to increase page awareness and Likes.
  • Website Conversions
    • Use this to increase awareness and clicks to your website.

These objectives are optimised to get you the best results based on what you require the advert to do.

Step 3 – When Should I Advertise?

Again, this step is informed by your overall advertising objective. Say you have a particular event coming up and you need more bodies to sign up for it. You want people to enquire and sign up for the event as soon as possible. Anywhere between a week and a month prior to the event would be considered a good time frame. Anything less than a week would be considered too short notice and more than a month could be too far in advance depending on the size of the event and the overall advertising plan. Advertising a product? Try and think outside the box with this one. Is there an event or special occasion you can leverage your product against? Sparkly dress? You’ve got yourself a Christmas promotion, my friend!

The time when you advertise will vary depending on your individual needs and requirements.


Step 4 – Who Should I Advertise To?

This is a very important consideration when setting up a Facebook advert. One of the key qualities of digital advertising is that you can decide exactly who sees your advert. This means that none of your budget is wasted on an audience who are not likely to engage.

You can be very specific when setting up your target audience. If you’re running a business, chances are you already know who your target audience is. Image you could create your perfect customer, use those ideas and pop them into Facebook. Don’t worry about getting too specific, Facebook will let you know when you are!

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 13.28.36

Again this can vary depending on your main advertising objective, however you should aim to target your primary audience. For example;

If you were a women’s fashion boutique running a campaign to promote your page for Likes, your target audience could be – aged 18-45, actively interested in fashion, within a certain radius of your shop. This encapsulates the general range of people who are interested in and would use your facilities.

If you were running a campaign to boost a music event enquiries aged 18 – 35, actively interested in music, festivals like Glastonbury and within a 50 mile radius of the gig.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 13.29.17

The range you set will change depending on what you are promoting. If you plan on advertising to kids, make sure you are familiar with Facebook’s advertising guidelines and remember the youngest you can register for an account is 13!

Step 5 – How Do I Set Up An Advert?

Setting up a Facebook advert is very straightforward.

Boost Your Post

To boost a post, you would start the same as you would if you were publishing a regular post. Start by writing your message. As boosted posts can not be edited after they are published, be sure to proofread your message beforehand!

Once you are happy with your message, select ‘Boost Post’ which can be found next to ‘Publish’. A new screen will appear where you can define your target audience and set your budget.

You can choose to advertise to three sets of audiences – people who already like your page, people who already like your page and their friends or people who you will define through targeting.


If you are looking to reach your regular customers, the first two options are the most common. If you are looking for new Likes to the page, the last option may be the best choice.

If you choose to define your audience through targeting, you have two options. You can choose an audience you have used before or you can set up a new one.

Once you are happy with your set audience, you can then move on to budget and duration of your advert.

Facebook will calculate your estimated reach based on the audience that you have targeted and the amount you will be spending. You can either choose one of Facebook’s set budgets or define your own.

Once you have completed these steps either publish or schedule the post as you normally would. When the advert is live, Facebook will keep you updated with the stats of that particular post, including how much of the budget is left.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 13.26.54

Promote Your Page

Setting up a promotion for page for Likes works in much the same way as boosting a post. Instead of writing a post, you would go to the top right hand corner of your Facebook page to ‘Promote’.

Again, you are offered choices on what you want to advertise. By clicking ‘Promote Your Page’, a new screen will appear similar to ‘Boost Your Post’. From here, you can define your audience, set your budget and choose how long you want the advert to run for.

On the left, you will be able to see exactly how your advert will look. As with any advert, also make sure to proofread before confirming the advert. You can also change the image associated with the advert at this stage.

Be sure to stay away from pixelated images and only use images where you have permission to do so (i.e do not use copyrighted images without the express permission of the original author).

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 13.50.15


Now that your advert is live, you need to check up on your results. The results will differ depending on your campaign. If you are looking for Likes, measure this against the number of impressions your ad has had. If this number of Likes is low, consider what could be changed to encourage those important interactions. The same applies if you are looking for website clicks, keep working to try and improve your adverts. Perhaps consider AB testing?

Finally, when your advert has completed its run, take a critical look at the campaign. Whether it was a roaring success or not, the adverts you promote can always be improved!


Photo Credit: Growing Social Media via Flikr

Photo Credit: Does Facebook Advertising Really Work via Flikr

Written By Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

Ashley is our Client Service Executive, working to deliver top drawer content marketing and social media campaigns for our clients.

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