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Meet… John Lewis?

By now you’ll probably have seen the 2015 Christmas extravaganza that is the John Lewis ad. Great news for us, not so much for one poor chap…

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Every year, John Lewis kick off Christmas with the launch of their famous adverts and this year is no different.

Last year, we met the loveable Monty the Penguin. A cheeky wee chappy who stole the hearts of the nation and reminded us all how cute penguins are. This year, John Lewis have ramped up the tear factor by showing us that even people who are randomly stuck on the moon (defying everything I ever learnt in science class) need a bit of love.

Teaming up with Age UK, the guys over at John Lewis have well and truly pulled it out the bag, reminding us to think of those who may find the most turkey-tastic time of the year a bit lonely and isolating.

Racking up over eleven million views since the 5th November, #ManOnTheMoon has been a huge hit this season, with more than 48k retweets of the ad seen on the John Lewis Twitter. So far so good right? Who doesn’t love a bit of social media attention?

Meet… John Lewis. No, I don’t mean that John Lewis. I mean the “Computer science educator, father of four, social liberal, atheist, and…” and this is the important part “…not a retail store.” In everyone’s haste to tweet about the newly launched ad, some folks haven’t been paying too much attention to make sure they are including the right John Lewis in their messages. As such, this poor, unsuspecting gent from Virginia has now become a sensation, all thanks to his name. No, he didn’t send a man to the moon, and he can’t help you get a discount on that curved TV you’ve been looking for. What he can do is provide some of the best comeback tweets we’ve seen in a while.

Let’s have a look at the top 5!



Around the festive period, he gets slightly more sassy, but overall, Mr John Lewis seems like a great spokesperson for the brand. He alway helpfully directs these poor lost Tweeters to their correct destination, normally with a funny comment to lighten up their day. We certainly won’t get bored of looking through his tweets this festive period. Cheers John!

Written By Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

Ashley is our Client Service Executive, working to deliver top drawer content marketing and social media campaigns for our clients.

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