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How to succeed with Pay per Click Advertising

Pay per Click Advertising is big business, but it does have its pitfalls if you’re not targeting users properly. Here’s our guide to ensuring your PPC is delivering quality results and ROI…

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By now you know that there are many ways to advertise your business. PPC keyword advertising gets search engines working for you and is a great way to bring in traffic to a website.

Pay per Click Adverts are those sponsored links that you see at the top of your search engine search. This means that someone has paid for their business to be the top ranking page when a relative search has been made. But proceed with caution. It is very easy to throw a lot of money at PPC and not get much of a return. The main problem tends to be where you’re sending the users who click on your ads.

What’s the point of PPC?

The aim of all PPC is to advertise directly to those who are searching for your products. It means you are positioned above those sites which are ranked high organically for certain keywords and ensures you are seen on page 1 of search engines and therefore, much more likely to be clicked and visited by users. Let’s face it, you have to be looking for something truly specific to entertain the idea of heading to page 2!


PPC involves very careful keyword research, strategic bids and brilliantly written ad copy to draw in those essential clicks, but that’s not where it ends. Your PPC campaign won’t work if you simply send users from your ad to your homepage. Before you start the campaign, you need to work out why a customer would click on your advert. Do you simply want to highlight your business to them, or do you want them to make a purchase?

Boost your PPC Conversions

If you are selling products or services, you need PPC adverts to both result in purchases, but also build your audience. Check out our top tips to running a successful campaign;

  • Build your Landing Page

Building a highly specific and purpose-designed landing page will direct users to engage exactly as you need them to. Focus this page on those specific keywords that got the users to your advert and use it to address their needs, personalising their service and further asserting why you are the right choice for them.

  • Focus on Searchers

The people who are searching for your chosen keywords are the people you want to click on your link. With PPC, you have the option of participating in contextual advertising programs.These just draw in what are usually dubbed ‘curiosity clicks’ and usually do nothing but bring your conversion rate down. Focusing on the users who are specifically searching for what you offer is much more likely to deliver valuable clicks.

  • Offer Something

Experts are now suggesting that the landing page for your PPC adverts should not be selling your product or services directly. Instead, you should be offering a complimentary service which is both of value to the user, but related to the product or service you are looking to sell, with the hope that those who respond to the initial free product or service then become interested and purchase more.


By encouraging users to sign up for a free product, you are also building your client database. This can be used to target those interested in a specific product. Why not integrate an email marketing service into your site and ask users to sign up? You can regularly reassert your authority by providing relevant content such as e-Books and newsletters.

With this setup, guiding users to strategically written content will ensure your PPC adverts convert and you’re not left with an expensive campaign that delivers no results.


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Written By David Bova

David Bova

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