Marketing and the Movies

I don’t want realism. I want magic! Yes, magic!

Blanche Dubois uttered this great phrase in 1951, some 64 years ago. While the plot line of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ doesn’t quite sum up the plot of this impending blog, that one sentence does. If done right, marketing can be genuine magic, showing us the very best situations with imaginative explosions.

Movies have long held our imagination captive, but only in recent times have we seen the level of marketing, cross promotion and tie-in that we see on a daily basis. But how would one come up with a marketable cross promotion for a film? Let’s have a look at some of the best cross marketing.


Razors Assemble!

Let’s take one of the big campaigns of the summer. Gillette and Marvel assembled (sorry) a marketing plan which was complimentary for both parties. If you haven’t seen the campaign have a look below.

If we look at the stats for the original Avengers (2012) film, 60% of the audience was male. So, in the buildup to Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), it was a sensible idea to have some form of cross marketing tailored to a male audience. What I find great about this idea is that, while Gillette could have saved themselves some time and photoshopped Tony Stark shaving his goatee with a Gillette razor, they have really integrated themselves in to the world of superheroes. They have actually razorfied (is that a word?) the Avengers, with the exception of Nomanoff, Potts and Maximoff – but we think they are more Venus types of gals. What Gillette have managed to do (which sadly some companies fall short of), is integrate themselves into the world and come back out portraying the feel and tone of the Avengers while still maintaining their marketing purpose. Sadly, these razors are not actually for sale (even I’m a little gutted about that), but if they were… we think Gillette would be onto a winner!


Aston Martin & James Bond

James Bond and Aston Martin go together just as well as Bert and Ernie. Like Burton and Taylor, Norman Bates and his mother’s clothes. Within the pages of Goldfinger (1959), Bond was first issued the Aston Martin DB Mark III and since then the partnership has blossomed. A Bond film without an Aston Martin appearance is simply unimaginable. Check out Bond wreck the DBS below…

Everyone alright? I think we hurt as much as Bond watching that. Back to the point. While this association is strong, it does not necessarily help Aston Martin. Granted, a DB5 (similar to the stunner Sean Connery graced in Goldfinger (1964)) can bag a cool $1.1 million, but the company itself has faced plenty of turmoil over the years. Read more about the Bond/Martin bromance over on the Aston Martin website.


Anchorman 2 – Everywhere….

If you’ve seen the film or not, I guarantee you’re aware of Anchorman 2- correct? In 2013 run up to the movie release, Paramount truly outdid themselves with their marketing efforts and Mr Ron Burgundy featured on every media possible. The promotion for the sequel showed us how powerful social media can be as a driving tool, and has influenced recent campaigns such as Horrible Bosses 2 and Ted 2.

Paramount formed a strong relationship with Tumblr, having an official film page to curate fan created content and share original content. It is these humorous GIFs created by fans that have kept the Anchorman buzz alive since the first film. As well as latching onto the hysteria for the sequel created by the fans, Paramount created a dynamic and extremely funny campaign. From increasing Dodge Durango sales over 40% with funny commercials, to Ron Burgundy being given his own flavour of Scotch Ben & Jerry’s (jealous!?).

What should taken from this is that it’s not the amount of content produced that gets results. It’s the originality and efforts to entertain rather than simply than trying to sell your product- whether that be a car or a film.

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photo credit: Aston martin DB9 via photopin (license)