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Our Top 5 Christmas Adverts of 2015

Can you guess which will be number one? You might be in for a surprise…

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What’s Christmas without the adverts? With all this years batch out for all to see, we decide which are our favourites here at Parachute HQ.

5. John Lewis

In our previous blog post, we spoke about one of those most highly anticipated moments in the festive calendar, the release of the John Lewis christmas advert. But the volume of attention on this one advert, in our eyes, has meant that far better adverts have been overlooked.


4. Warburtons

Warburtons are certainly getting right into their advertising these days! First Sylvester Stallone and now The Muppets. Although it doesn’t have any traditional ties to Christmas and is used to advertise Warburtons’ new Giant Crumpets, we love the ending with Animal shouting and the new phrase ‘Merry Crumpets’.

3. Asda

Asda is streets ahead of Tesco and Morrisons in the race for best Christmas advert. Their advert shows us all the things we love to do with Christmas and along with an upbeat (but not Christmassy) song, it strikes the right balance of festive and fun. Who doesn’t love being reminded of the fact you will need to face your office crush with an ample supply of mistletoe (and wine) at the Christmas party.

2. Sainsbury’s

We’re getting into the slightly more emotional Christmas adverts again, it seems advertisers think that Christmas is the best time to make us well up at anything from chocolate to..cats. This year Sainsbury’s have again gone for an emotive advert featuring famous literary cat, Mog. Although emotional, there is an element of humour in the advert that we love and makes us wish we had our very own Mog.

1. Spanish Lottery

Ok, we know this advert isn’t being shown in the UK but everyone across the country can’t stop talking about it and even though we can’t understand it, it still brings a tear to the eye. Incase you can’t decipher the advert yourself it is about a little old(ish) man who works nights in a mannequin factory alone. To amuse himself he sets up the mannequins in funny poses for the day workers, who then win the lottery and decide to surprise the old man. We’re not sure what it is about this advert but it is easily our number one Christmas advert of the festive season.

Written By Victoria Iannotti

Victoria Iannotti

If you need a project planned, Victoria is the gal for you! With a sharp eye and mind of a scholar, she know how to schedule right down to a 5 minute tea break.

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