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Friends no longer Reunited

Our old friend is soon to shut its doors. It was good reuniting with you…

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It may have helped many to rekindle their high-school romance, but sadly the UK’s first social network Friends Reunited is closing its (metaphorical) doors.

One of the site’s founders, Steve Pankhurst, recently stated that the site is only being used by a handful of users, with many varying from it’s original function. Launched in 2000, the website peaked at over 23 million users, with most using it to find first-loves and stalk old rivals. There are many stories out there about the joy people have found by meeting and falling in love with an old friend, some controversially were married at the time…But alas, the romance with Friends Reunited will soon be over.

So why has Friends Reunited had to shut its doors? It is as simple as the fact that technology must adapt or, sadly, it will die. Friends Reunited conception was a time before Facebook and LinkedIn, who have of course became major players in the social media world, therefore people were happy to pay for the subscription service and re-connect with old friends. But, as other social networking sites have developed greatly and added a range of new features, Friends Reunited has failed to do so with many of their users switching to Facebook instead.

Could this be another warning sign for Facebook? We all remember many of the social media sites that are now a distant memory. Bebo and Myspace were top social networking sites during their time, much like Friends Reunited. Then something new comes along and everyone moves on to bigger and better things. Although Facebook seems to be going from strength to strength just now, with unique hits up 71% in the UK, we all know how quickly things can change in the world of technology.

Which site do you think will be next to shut its doors?

Written By Victoria Iannotti

Victoria Iannotti

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