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Top 10 Tweets of 2015

2015 was a fantastic year for social sharing. We take a look at the best of the best; the Top 10 Tweets of 2015!

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10. Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn’s first tweet after unveiling her new identify inspired us all.

9. Leonard Nimoy

Nimoy’s final tweet prior to his death really is beautiful, RIP

8. Kanye West

A classic Kanye inspirational tweet.

7. Niall Horan

Of course members of 1D would feature in this list, and this birthday celebration tweet is the first of many!

6. King Salman

Check out the only tweet in our list not written in English. Originally written in Arabic, this translates to “Wali decent people: more and deserve whatever you do will not recompense your right, ask God to help me and you on the debt service and the nation, but Atnsona allegations.”

5. Louis Tomlinson

After a brief spat with former member Zayn, Louis tweeted his mad love for the fans.

4. President Obama

2015 marked a huge year for LGBT rights. Our number 4 is President Obama himself showing his support for the cause.

3. Liam Payne

After announcing they were to split, Liam tweeted this reflective memory. 5 years really flies doesn’t it?

2. Zayn Malik

Zayn’s tweet made all Directioner’s very happy to know that he still wishes the best for his former bandmates.

1.Harry Styles

Once the big news broke that Zayn was leaving One Direction, this was the first tweet from Harry Styles on the topic.


So there you have it, the most popular tweets of 2015. It’s not really a surprise that the 1D boys topped our chart, we know One Direction fans LOVE Twitter and tweeting their favourite member of the band.

Were you surprised by any of the Top Ten? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter! Or head here to see our alternative list of top tweets.

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Written By Victoria Iannotti

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