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What Zoolander 2 Can Teach Us About Marketing

Zoolander 2 has finally arrived! To celebrate, we take a look at what Blue Steel has taught us about marketing.

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Blue Steel himself is back!

The sequal to the phenomenal, ridiculously good looking Zoolander has hit cinemas and the marketing campaign is seriously good, like seriously good. Everywhere you look, Blue Steel is there. We thought we’d take a look at the campaign so far and pick out our favourite moments.

4. Fiat

Because every ridiculously good looking male model of the year needs a ridiculously good looking car, Fiat teamed up with the guys behind Zoolander to promote the Fiat 500X… shame he probably lost his licence with all those tickets…

3. Ciroc x Derek Zoolander

Ciroc Vodka and fashion photographer Mario Testino have designed a limited edition bottle for Zoolander 2 called…would you have guessed, ‘Derek Zoolander Blue Steel’. Of course it makes sense for the most ridiculously good looking model to drink one of the biggest premium spirits.

2. Zoolander No.2

As part of the campaign, we fully expected a series of ad’s to promote Zoolander 2, but not in this usual way. The ad’s were created to emulate an advert for an expensive cologne, one of the many ways that the film has decided to poke fun at the perfume industry and the sensual overtone that the ad’s usually have. It has been used in their print ad’s as well as a video, which has received over one million views on YouTube since it was posted.

1. Kiehl’s Ridiculously Youthful Collection

This really is above and beyond. Probably our favourite of all the Zoolander marketing is this collab with Kiehls. A real life ‘Derek Zoolander Centre for People Who Don’t Age Good’ was opened to the public in New York City. Visitors are treated to a 6.5-step ‘youthification’ program where they can also pick up limited edition Zoolander themed products. Kiehls does not do any traditional advertising but jumped at the chance to be creative and show their fun side.

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Until next time, relax you really really, ridiculously good looking people.


Image: Zoolander via Giphy

Image: #MovieQuoteMonday via Flikr (CC 2.0)


Written By Victoria Iannotti

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