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Could 360 Degree Videos Change Your Business’ Marketing Approach?

360 degree videos are the latest craze online. With Youtube and Facebook accommodating the format, it’s easy to assume that 360 videos are here to stay. Should we all start promoting our products through 360 videos? Read on to find out how 360 degree videos could enhance your marketing strategy.

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Most of you have probably seen one or two 360 degree videos popping up on your timeline over recent months, with YouTube announcing that it would be able to support the format in early 2015. Facebook, as always, have jumped straight on the bandwagon and now support the format on their platform (we’ll no doubt see shorter 360 videos on Instagram over the next year or so too).

Before we continue, here’s a 360 degree video of Vlogger Louis Cole paragliding (best viewed on mobile) for those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about.

So why are we rambling on about some video trend? What’s the point? Well, my dear Watson, the point is that it enhances the user experience.

In theory: enhanced experience = enhanced, organic product awareness = increase in sales.

In reality: enhanced experience = social sharing = a few leads.


How exactly does moving a handset enhance the user experience? Forget about the handset, forget about the visuals. 360 degree videos are more than the visualisation; it’s about enhancing the user’s other senses; help them to feel the product in their hands, smell the product as if it’s right beside them, hear how the product roars with their own ears. 360 videos will transform e-commerce forever. Take a car for example: a 360 video takes them through the showroom and on a test drive without the need for them to leave the sofa.

What’s the downside of 360 videos? Well, we’re struggling with this question. The videos are a relatively new marketing resource, with very few brand advertisements as of yet. One downside is the cost of creation, especially if you want to create a high quality video that you can reuse. If you are keen on having a 360 video made for your business, then you might want to look into renting equipment to save on the costs.

Here’s a few other 360 videos for you to check out:

Here’s a 360 video from Tens , a Sunglass company based in Scotland. The video highlights the beauty of the outdoors while very subtly including their products in the shots:


Qantas created a 360 video in collaboration with Hilton Island Resort and Samsung to promote the popular tourist destination in Australia. Don’t mind if I do!


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