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Facebook Reactions are Here!

It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for! It’s not quite the dislike button that Facebook users have been requesting but in our eyes it’s even better. Now that we have had a while to test out this new update, here’s the low down.

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Instead of just having a potentially negative dislike button, Facebook has introduced these range of emotions that are similar to those which you can attach to a status. You can give  more varied reactions to posts than a simple Like, which users have worried about being misconstrued in the past, such as when someone posts something sad.

They are easy enough to use if you know how. All you need to do is hold down the Like button on the app or hover over it with your mouse on desktop. This will then bring up the emoji reactions and you can choose whichever one you wish.

Facebook sees this as a new opportunity for businesses to better understand how people are reacting to the content they put out. Reactions will have the same impact on delivery ads as Likes do. But this can also cause issues with any negativity towards a brand as there is no way to hide any reactions. For example if a post to a page receives ‘Anger’ as one of the top three reactions, it will be visible for everyone viewing the post to see. Could this be an incentive to brands to try and ensure as high customer service as they can manage?

On the whole, Team Parachute is very impressed with this new feature, it gives the users what they want and some things that they didn’t know that they wanted. All in all, it’s just a bid to increase engagement and make your timeline even more personalised. What do you think?

Written By Victoria Iannotti

Victoria Iannotti

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