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Our Top Female Influencers in The Creative Industries

Parachute celebrates International Woman’s Day by looking at some of the most influential woman in the Creative Industries right now!

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“The presence of women in corporate leadership positions may improve firm performance”   (Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2016.)

That’s right. New research shows that having more female leaders in business can significantly increase profitability. According to PIIE, if a profitable firm increases the amount of female leaders in the firm from 0 to 30% then they could potentially increase their net revenue by 15%!

International Woman’s Day is more than a celebration of a particular gender, it’s a time to come together, commend recent steps towards equality and look towards a brighter future together. Here at Parachute we are proud to say that almost 50% of the team are female and over recent years we have seen more and more clients with females in senior roles.

To celebrate International Women’s Day we have collated our top three influential women who are putting their own stamp on the Creative Industries.

Reshma Saujani

–  Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code Girls Who Code


Reshma Saujani (Image Credit –

“We’re raising our girls to be perfect, and we’re raising our boys to be brave”

Saujani is a force to be reckoned with; fore-fronting a new model of female leadership and encouraging young females to pursue careers in technology and engineering.  Her non-profit organisation has launched in over 25 States in the USA and aims to teach computer science to 6th-12th grade girls. Saujani strives to be a role model for young girls, embracing her imperfections and challenging herself and those around her each day.
Watch Reshma Saujani’s  latest TED Talk here:


Susan Wojcicki

– CEO of YouTube

Susan Wojcicki (Photo Credit – CNBC)

This Silicon Valley native has been with Google since 1998 and was announced as the head of YouTube in 2014. Wojcicki was the 16th employee at Google and has contributed towards the acquisition of YouTube, the development of Google AdSense and will be leading the company’s inclusion of virtual reality software in 2016. Her strong sense of belief and tiresome efforts have brought her to the attention of Forbes who have placed her in their Top 50 of America’s Self-Made Women (2015) and in the Top 10 Power Women (2015) lists.


Whitney Wolfe

– Founder of Bumble dating app

Whitney Wolfe (Photo Credit – Cosmopolitan)

The former VP of Tinder is expected to take the dating app industry by storm in 2016 with her newest project. Bumble changes the way traditional dating apps are used by making the woman make the first move by messaging any new match within the first 24 hours. At first glance, this seems like a trivial concept but the game is simply a reflection of modern day society, with Wolfe encouraging woman not to adhere to stereotypes and to take hold of their own future.


We appear to have many female influencers in the Creative Industries who are on the cusp of something great. Happy International Woman’s Day from everyone at Parachute!

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