Instagate: Panic Now!

Earlier in the week, Instagram created a blog post announcing the changes that will be made to user’s timeline, with the use of an algorithm. Similar to its sister network, Facebook, the app will use an algorithm which allows photos and videos to appear based on “your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.” This is instead of their current method which shows post chronologically.

We took to Twitter to find out the public’s thoughts:

It’s safe to say, the majority of people aren’t too happy about the changes. Many are hoping that this will be optional, but there have been no releases saying that it will (or won’t) be so we all just have to wait patiently.



On the bright side, we have been assured that the algorithm won’t occur overnight, instead it will be rolled out in small batches of users to study what changes will be made to all accounts. In their blog post, Instagram have also stated that they are interested in users’ feedback and they are “going to take time to get this right”.

As a less frequent Instagram poster, I’m keen to see how this will impact me and most importantly, my photo likes. I’ve always wanted to be #instafamous…


In the meantime, all we can do is join together and hope that this change is for the better and if not, then there’s a box we can uncheck… it’s a tough world out there.


Photo Credit: TMO
Photo Credit: NikeTalk