The Evolution of Nike

Go now and Google the Nike logo – Just do it!

Ha! We had to do that, may as well get it out of the road at that start, eh?

Regarded as having one of the most popular and easily recognised logos, Nike’s iconic stamp really does have a fascinating history. The Nike tick, or to use its proper name, the Swoosh dates back to 1971 when Nike became… well officially known as Nike.

Its original form was created by Portland State University student Carolyn Davidson, where she looked to encapsulate Nike’s essence, motion in the design. However, the brand’s name and logo are much more intertwined that would first appear.

To understand the brand, we’re going on a little field trip all the way back to ancient Greece. Hercules soundtrack and winged sneakers at the ready? Let’s go!

In ancient Greek mythology Nike was the goddess of victory, also known by the super cool name of Winged Goddess of Victory. She is most commonly known for her presence on the battlefield, rewarding victors with glorious fame and power. While most other deities have dropped their wings through the ages, Nike is rarely seen without.

You may or may not know this, but the brand is actually named after our favourite winged Goddess. So, it only makes sense that the logo convey some of her essence, along with the core values of the brand. The swoosh is said to be largely based on the wings of the Goddess Nike and, since its original inception, has undergone little change over the years. Originally partnered with “Nike” in Futura Bold and available in a variety of colours, the logo evolved to solely feature the well known red and white colouring.

In 1995, the logo evolved further to feature a standalone swoosh and has continued to utilise this alone to this day. Now, the logo is comprised of the swoosh with a simple black colour palette as its form of branding.

Photo Cred: Nike Evolution via FamousLogos.Net