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Radio, Someone Still Loves You!

With digital advertising showing no sign of slow-down, we focus on humble radio and why you shouldn’t over look its persuasive power.

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“And everything I had to know, I heard it on my radio”

It’s been a while since Queen sent us Radio Gaga. Once the centre hub for households around the globe, it appeared for a while to fade into the background.

With Facebook’s UK ad sales estimated to overtake Sky and Channel 4 to become the third biggest media owner, it is obvious why many businesses focus their advertising to social platforms. But what about humble traditional advertising? The ad world seems to be slowly turning its back on the industry that brought us so many fantastic adverts like the Cadbury’s Gorilla.

Even in the age of traditional media, TV and print advertising took the forefront. Using radio to advertise to potential customer is still a very viable and successful way to advertise. This week, RAJAR released their Quarter One statistics of 2016 so it is the perfect opportunity for Team Parachute to tell you why you shouldn’t overlook radio advertising.


89% of the UK population listen to the radio every week, that’s 47.8 million adults for people like myself who are not the best with numbers. If you compare that number to the approximate 38 million active social media users in the UK, it would seem silly to not take advantage of this platform.

Here are the main facts you need from the RAJAR Q1 Report:

  • On average users listen to 21 hours of radio per week; most likely at drive times (7-9 and 4-6).
  • 30 million adults claim to own a DAB Radio, up 14% year on year.
  • The digital share of radio had increased almost 5% since last year due to the increased access to free public internet.

Radio advertising also allows you to be specific in targeting an audience and, of course, can open your business up to new audiences within your target area.

So what are you waiting for? Hopefully we have managed to convince you of the power of radio but if you need more guidance, feel free to get in contact with us for a helping hand. That includes you Chris, mate!

Written By Victoria Iannotti

Victoria Iannotti

If you need a project planned, Victoria is the gal for you! With a sharp eye and mind of a scholar, she know how to schedule right down to a 5 minute tea break.

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