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A Parachute Pinterest Guide

Pinterest is one of the newer social networks to offer advertising, so we take a look at what to remember when creating a Pinterest ad!

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We all know that we can sometimes get into a little bit of a Pinterst hole, it’s starts off with casually browsing for some new rug inspo then three hours later your have a ‘Rugs’ Board with 234 Pins. It happens to the best of us. So of course, if you have a rug company you would hope that one of those Pins would be of one of your rugs. Thankfully in April, Pinterest introduced Promoted Pins to let you advertise your product/Pin.


If you didn’t know, Pinterest is similar to an online scrapbook where you can create boards of different themes such as interior design. Users have grown 50% since last year, averaging three million Pins being saved each day. Pinterest have said that more than 75% of Pins saved come from business pages, so the new Promoted Pins do not interrupt the user experience on the site.

So now you have the basics, what should you remember when creating a Pinterest advert?

1. Visuals are at the forefront

If you want your post to work, you need to make sure your visuals can be the best that they can be. Pinterest is all about visually appealing posts, people want Pinterest to inspire them so you need to always keep that in mind when creating a post.


John Lewis via Pinterest

2. Don’t go keyword crazy

On Pinterest, you are allowed to add upto 150 keywords within a promoted Pin. DO NOT ADD 150 KEYWORDS. Please. We beg you. Your customers will really not like it. This will only lead to low click-through rates and conversions. You need to think about the way that your customers will use Pinterest.  The keywords should give context to what you are offering in the pin and the page you want to take them to.

3. Bid boldly

On Pinterest, you only pay for the number of clicks that you get. Therefore, you should be constantly tracking your ads performance  and adjust bid prices according to get the best results. Even though your initial bid may be high, once your ad gets some momentum you will see a drop in the price.

4. Follow the rules

Pinterest have some rules that you need to follow so it’s best for your brand to stick to them so you don’t get any brand backlash. They have the usual ones of no advertising of alcohol, drugs etc but there is one important rule that differs from other sites. You can only use ONE hashtag in your Pinterest description and it must relate to your brand (so no #SocialMedia please). If you use too many your pin may get demoted in search rankings.

Now it is time to go forth and make all of Pinterest lust over your products. Maybe you could be the next big thing!

Image: Pinterest via Business2Community

Written By Victoria Iannotti

Victoria Iannotti

If you need a project planned, Victoria is the gal for you! With a sharp eye and mind of a scholar, she know how to schedule right down to a 5 minute tea break.

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