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The Drunk User Experience

Drunk UX is definitely a thing we can’t stop talking about in the office. Here are our reasons why we think it would be a good idea to (sensibly) have a few drinks and test your website’s interface.

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It’s time to settle down for the night with a bottle of rum and a website that someone has paid for you to evaluate. At least, that’s what Richard Littauer at The User is Drunk has planned for his night.


Why would someone pay someone else to get drunk and evaluate their website? It’s pretty simple really, you want to know how to make your site as user friendly as possibly to increase conversions. A seamless user interface will allow even drunk users to swifty navigate the site to find what they’re looking for. First of all, let’s remind ourselves of the symptoms we often face when we’re dunk:

  • Blurred vision – You can totally get your key in the door mate!
  • Limited attention span – It’s a bird, it’s a plan, its… oooh Taco Mazama! Let’s buy a unicorn!
  • Short term memory loss – You never told your mother-in-law you hated her bland personality on Christmas ever. Wait, did you?
  • Emotional – Remember that time you tripped and spilled your chips ‘n cheese all over the kerb and burst into tears? We’ve all been there


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What has this got to do with your website? Many UX designers believe that these ‘symptoms’ are things which should be catered for when designing a website. Here are some examples of what to consider to allow for a clean user experience:

Provide the user with a clear sense of direction: Does the big green button on the landing page direct the user to where they want to go? Is there a big green button on the landing page? Every website should have a strong call to action (CTA) on the landing page which guides the user into doing what you want them to do: “book a test drive now”, “learn more”, “sign up to our newsletter”. Avoid making your website overly busy as it distracts the user, here’s an example of a strong landing page with good UX.



Guide the user through the website: A little bit of hand holding goes a long way. View how Salesforce guides users through their site to get the response that they want. Users are encouraged to watch a demo of choice before being asked to enter their contact information, generating a new lead. Bonus!



Repeat valuable information: Users may begin a task/transaction etc. on your website while doing 10 other things. Who just surfs the web these days? Remind the user of what they are about to do:

*User clicks Book Now Icon

*User enters details

* Website popup ‘You are about to book your test drive for the ___ at  ___. Would you like to continue?’

*User confirms *Website ‘Thank you. You have now booked your test drive for ___ at ___. You will receive an email shortly’

Confirmation dialogues are an excellent way to reassure the user that they’ve actually done something.



Don’t give the user an opportunity to get frustrated: How long do you wait before leaving a website that doesn’t provide you with what you were looking for? A few seconds, perhaps? Online tempers are much more reactive than face to face dialogue. Do some over the shoulder testing to get a true insight into what works for users on your website and what doesn’t.



One final point to remember is DON’T PATRONISE THE USER! Users are not dumb, if anything, they’re ahead of you because they know what they want and they know how they want things delivered to them. Not enough businesses actually know their customers (although they think they do) and they try and manipulate the user into doing something by using overly simplistic terms. Users want to feel valued, smart and in the driving seat… it’s okay to let them feel this way!

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