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Video Marketing: Is It Worth It?

The online world is overflowing with all kinds of marketing content and video is one that is here to stay. The stats are show that video marketing is here to stay so we tell you the basics you need to know about the world of Video Marketing.

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The world is now becoming saturated with all kinds of marketing content and video is one that is here to stay. The stats are showing that IP video traffic will make up 82% of ALL consumer Internet traffic by 2020. I’m sure some of you are wondering, what exactly is video marketing? How can it help my business? Well, luckily for you I am here to give you the lowdown on this phenomenon and why you want people to love your videos.


Video marketing is simply incorporating videos into your current marketing strategy to help promote your business.

So video marketing is straightforward then? Sadly, no. As with all marketing, you need to plan and develop idea to ensure maximum results but it’s worth it!

YouTube alone receives more than one billion unique users a month and if you read our blog about Online Influencers, you will already know it is big business! One in three people in the UK watch at least one online video per week. I’m sure you are all partial to watching a funny video on Facebook, often posted by a brand like The Lad Bible or BuzzFeed.  Using videos in different aspects of your business is only going to help your brand grow. Well, as long as your content is great (we can help you with that).

Even by doing something simple with video on your website can make a big impact. Online US shoe retailer Zappos added product videos to product pages and saw a 30% increase in sales conversions. To add to this, 90% of online shoppers find having a video helping in making purchases. Anyone who has a slight ASOS addiction (*cough* me *cough*) will know themselves how helpful ASOS Catwalk videos are, and makes you splurge a little bit more! For such a simple video, you can see how great a return it can have. I’m sure you can just imagine the possible impact on your brand if you did something similar.


The best advice we can give you for creating video content is make sure that you show your brand personality. It makes your company look relate-able and will make you content and your brand more memorable! So whether big or small, video marketing can most definitely help your business to reach more of your potential customers. If you are looking to create a video marketing campaign feel free to get in touch with Parachute and we can take care of it for you!

Written By Victoria Iannotti

Victoria Iannotti

If you need a project planned, Victoria is the gal for you! With a sharp eye and mind of a scholar, she know how to schedule right down to a 5 minute tea break.

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