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Snapchat consistently stays in the top 10 UK app charts, it’s certainly popular among its users but how can it benefit advertisers?

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Snapchat consistently stays in the top 10 UK app charts, it’s certainly popular among its users but how can it benefit advertisers?
Snapchat has continued to grow year on year with some predicting a growth of 27% over the next 12 months. The app has its fair share of influential celebrity and brand users connecting with their audience through the app. These  include Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba, Coca-Cola, The New York Times and even The White House.

In 2014 Snapchat started offering brands the chance to advertise however only the biggest brands could afford the staggering cost. Snapchat have announced their aim to make advertising more accessible to brands thus increasing advertising on the platform. The launch of API will allow ads to be purchased through third parties via automated auctions.

Why do brands want to advertise?

Snapchat now has more users than Twitter and its daily video views have surpassed Facebook’s. Snapchat has a mass audience that engages multiple times daily. 70% of Snapchat’s users are millennials, one of the biggest draws is knowing the audience in turn preventing wasted advertising.


What types of ads are available?

Mobile Video Ads

Mobile video ads last for upto 10 seconds and appear vertically on user’s phones. Users can swipe up to reveal additional content from the brand. This type of ad is arguably the most intrusive and least engaging of the advertising options on Snapchat however the “scroll” rate is 5 times higher than comparable click-through rates. Snapchat also limits the amount of ads seen by viewers to maintain engagement. Advertisers can also target based on age, gender, location and device type in turn making the advertising more effective.

Sponsored Geofilters

Sponsored Geofilters can be used to target Snapchat users based on location. Sponsored Geofilters generally reach 40-60% of daily Snapchat users. McDonald’s were the first brand to utilize this type of ad and as a result received rave reviews from their young audience. Sponsored Geofilters are a great way to show a brand’s personality and connect on an emotional level with the audience and can be significantly cheaper than the sponsored lenses.

Sponsored Lenses

Sponsored lenses are arguably the most engaging ad available on Snapchat however they can be the most expensive, costing advertisers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Prompts can be included in the lense to transform the user’s face further, for example “open your mouth” for a tongue to appear. The most successful sponsored filter to date has been Taco Bell’s Cinco De Mayo celebratory taco head which racked up 223 million views in just one day. On average users interacted with the filter for 24 seconds before sending. This beat Gatorade’s lense to the top which allowed users to dunk a cooler full of their head.The interactiveness of the experience creates memories with user and produces a meaningful and lasting advertising experience.


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