Facebook Hacks For Business

With social media becoming integral to people’s lives it has increasingly become the first point of contact that consumers have with businesses. For this reason it’s essential that businesses manage their Facebook in a way that engages and appeals to their target audience. Here are some of our essential Facebook hacks to help your business.



Consistency is fundamental to the success of your business Facebook account. Consistency in terms of your brand’s identity, personality, tone and communication and also in regards to the content that is posted and timing of posts.


Sporadic posting can lead to followers disengaging, planning ahead is a must. Ideally plan posts 1 month in advance and add reactive news-related posts as and when they are needed. When making your plan make sure you include key marketing dates for the year ahead to ensure your content is relevant.

Know Your Audience

Develop objectives (SMART). Cover a variety of goals e.g. increase website traffic, raise/maintain brand awareness, increase interactions. If you plan a post make sure it fulfils at least 1 of the objectives. Objectives help you achieve your overarching aim.


Facebook Live

Facebook Live helps to build relationships with your audience, making communications more personal and allowing for better storytelling. Using this feature can also encourage more interactions as users are more likely to engage and comment in real time as they can be responded to instantly. Running competitions in this live format helps to build suspense, like watching the X Factor results live. Its also useful for providing reviews and tutorials that interest your followers. Over the last few months influential brands and celebrities have been using this feature to their advantage, interacting with their fans in a personal way to increase interactions.

Facebook 360

Using Facebook 360 allows your business to immerse viewers in a scene or an experience. The feature give users the effect of virtual reality as they can turn their device to view all angles of the photo/video. 360 photo’s are relatively easy to upload, just take a panoramic photo on your phone and upload it to facebook, it will automatically upload as 360. It can be a bit more difficult and costly to add a 360 video as equipment costs are high however there has been an influx of 360 video operating companies popping up and many offer daily rates for equipment and production.

Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

You can track up to five of your competitor’s pages via the “pages to watch section”. It’s useful to know what your competitors are up to, you can learn from their successes and failures.


Learn From Your Previous Campaigns

Measure your campaign’s success and adapt future communications accordingly. Improve future campaigns by adapting to past campaign’s strengths and weaknesses.