Welcome Facebook Marketplace!

It looks like Facebook are about to dip their finger in yet another pie. I wonder when they will run out of fingers or indeed, pie’s.

Looking to purchase an up-cycled, teal armoire online? Fab! Just open up your array of Gumtree and eBay tabs and the world is your oyster. Except Facebook is sick of you leaving their website for anything other than food and water…so welcome Facebook Marketplace! That’s right, you can now browse, bid, buy and sell on Facebook’s new interface.

For some of you, this might not feel particularly new: more than 450 million people visit buy and sell groups each month on Facebook. Marketplace will make the process much simpler, however, Marketplace does not facilitate the payment or delivery of items which is irritating. This limits the buyer/seller purchase security, unlike eBay etc.


Marketplace is being rolled out over The UK, US, Australia and New Zealand on mobile but may be rolled out globally and on web if it is successful. We’ve heard mixed reviews of the Marketplace and so far, many of us are only able to access the “Buy and Sell” widget on the app, which is pretty basic to be honest.
Overall, there seems to be a lot of hype over a mediocre asset and our version of the Marketplace currently looks nothing like what has been advertised. Perhaps Facebook are rolling out the changes, until then we are thoroughly underwhelmed 🙁


Image Credit: Facebook Newsroom