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Twitter Moments: How Does It Help My Business?

The often ignored new feature of Twitter has had a make-over! Now anyone can create their very own Twitter Moment. So we’re here to show you how to make the most of it.

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We all love to tweet. Whether it is a rant over ten tweets about how much you hated your latest Tesco experience to snapping a very interesting outfit on the Subway, we all love to share our stories. Twitter Moments makes that even easier. ICYMI, Twitter introduced Twitter Moments last year to allow collections of tweets with a common subject (like an Election) to be created and viewed easily.


And finally, they are now for creators everywhere to use. The first question that comes to mind now is how on earth do I make one of these? Twitter has thankfully made it super easy for you to create whatever kind of Moment you like using any users tweets. Before you get too Moment happy and create a 75 tweet Moment, let us tell you some top tips to create the perfect moment your followers will love.

It’s all about quality not quantity

Twitter has suggested that the ideal number of tweets to have in your Moment is 10. This is the optimal amount to give your users some bite size but interesting content. Make sure that you use a mixture of created and curated content. Don’t make it obvious you are trying to merely showcase your own tweets. Balance this out with tweets from other users who think similarly or who have tweeted about your business.

Be consistent

The whole point of Moments is to have a theme. For example you could have a Moment of blog posts from your website that are about a certain topic, or a more general theme such as 10 favourite funny Vines of the week. Whichever you choose make sure it sticks to a theme as well as the theme and image of your brand.

Show your creativity


The thing that you must remember about Moments is, as a business, you are trying to showcase what is great about your brand and use it as a promotional tool. As with your regular tweets, you want to be creating shareable and interactive content that will engage with your followers.

Mix it up

One of the big benefits of Twitter is how well integrated it is with different types of content, such a Vines, GIFs and Live streaming. Use this to your advantage in Moments and use a mixture of different types of media to hold and absorb your audiences interest.

Whether you use your Twitter Moments to show off the best reviews of your business or simply show your brand’s character by making a collection of fail videos, we know it will only enhance your followers experience.

Written By Victoria Iannotti

Victoria Iannotti

If you need a project planned, Victoria is the gal for you! With a sharp eye and mind of a scholar, she know how to schedule right down to a 5 minute tea break.

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