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Ask Google’s Frightgeist

Halloween’s just under a week away, are you ready?

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Just incase you were still struggling to think of the perfect Halloween costume, Google’s back with Frightgeist. The generator has made a horrific return to our search engines to aid our frightful efforts.

The site pulls data from the good ol’ US of A to rank the top costumes for the year on a local and national level. Not really a surprise that Harley Quinn is the top trending costume of the year following this summer’s Suicide Squad adventure, is it?


You can also find the perfect costume for you using their Costume Wizard option. Do you want to be super spooky? Traditional classic or modern horror? Something outside the box? With a few small selection, Google will generate the perfect costume to suit your scare-tastic requirements.

Enter if you dare…

Happy Halloween, from Team Parachute! 🎃


Photo Cred: Kevin Dooley via Flikr (CC 2.0)

Written By Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

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