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We Heard It Through The GrapeVINE

Ode to a Vine. We say RIP to Vine by reminiscing over our Top 8 Vine’s from the past 4 years. GBNF.

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There’s a very somber tone in the Parachute office this morning. The news broke last night that one of our favourite social platforms is dying an unexpected death. Twitter announced last night (they own Vine BTW) that Vine has reached it’s demise and will no longer exist in the social stratosphere.


Our six second happiness has been stripped from us and 2016 is now ruined. First Selasi left GBBO and now this! I’m done.



Here in the Parachute Client Services office, we have decided to commemorate our Top 8 Vines below:

Bloody Mary

Ashley’s Pick:

Honestly, Brendon’s whole Vine account is great. Feel free to try this one a home. Results may vary.


2) Puppet Karaoke


Because at one stage or another, this puppet has been all of us.


3) Derp Dog

No need for words here.


4) Sassy Chipotle

Victoria – “I love this vine! Chipotle is my life!”
Olivia – “No it’s not. Have you even been to Chipotle?”
Victoria – “No…”


5) Sneezing Fluff Ball

“Nothing cheers me up more than a white ball of fluff sounding like something has got clogged in a Dyson when it sneezes.”


6) Polite Squirrel

“Manners cost nothing, just sayin'”



7) Dinky The Dog

Olivia’s Favourites:

Dinky is sensational and definitely my spirit animal. He slays his costume and is always club ready at a moments notice #GreyGooseBoothGang.


8) Life Goals

This is how I spend most of my life, snacking and conjuring up ways to climb the social ladder in a ballgown and my super-trendy trainers.


After a rather heated debate, I’ve been told to credit the following Vine’s which were most definitely on the shortlist but were not getting past my 2 Vine per person cap:


Thrilled Monkey:


Tennis Drake:


Leonardo haunted by GaGa:

Written By Olivia


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