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Top 5 Halloween Adverts

It’s fast approaching that time (and one of my personal favorites) of year. YES! Halloween is almost here. Now, before I get too carried away and break out my copy of Hocus Pocus and Nightmare before Christmas; let’s have a look at some of the most frighteningly successful Halloween marketing campaigns that have set themselves apart from the crowd.

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Snickers- Horseless Headsman

Of course, when it comes to Halloween it is important to remember that sweets play a vital role. The Horseless Headsman from Snickers offers a twist on one of the most iconic Halloween characters, this ad shows the kids aren’t exactly afraid of the Huntsman, asking “How is that even scary?”. Well, that opinion soon changed.  

Take this Lollipop- Facebook

Alright, so this may not be a traditional marketing campaign but it was certainly one that scared people (including myself). This became very popular a few years ago, which saw people clicking on the lollipop on Facebook. If you dared to click on the lollipop then you would be faced with the chilling video of a very creepy killer stalking your every move on Facebook, which eventually led to him finding your location and setting off to find you. To say I wasn’t looking over my shoulder after doing this would be a lie. 

Cravendale- A Hint Of

Cravendale decided to try something different with their marketing ahead of the launch of their product Cravendale: a hint of Strawberry. The advert has an eeriness to it when it comes to light that all is not as it seems. Could it be a zombie following the unsuspected boy and mother; how about a killer clown? Nope wrong it is in fact a…………. red cow. This creative ad comes from Adam & Eve DDB which has produced some of the most influential ads – including some of the iconic John Lewis Christmas ads. 

Rice Krispie Scares

Now it wouldn’t be Halloween if there wasn’t some fun, this one gives marketers the chance to really let loose. Rice Krispie decided to have a bit of fun and have a free vending machine placed in various locations. Unknown to the lovely public, for them to get their free Rice Krispie Square they were going to have to take a test in true bravery.

Tesco Spookermarket

I really wish I had the chance to have done something like this! Tesco really went for it and decided to do something a little differently with their advertising. They decked their store full of pranks which saw colleagues getting involved; from people hiding behind the toilet paper to scaring them in a pumpkin costume, this is certainly something that their customers would forget in a hurry. 

These have been a few of our favorites, tell us yours on Twitter @ThisIsParachute!

Happy Halloween, from Team Parachute! 🎃


Photo Credit; Triumphsix via Flickr (CC2.0)

Written By Jen Laurie

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