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Google AdWords Launches New Message Extension

Here at Parachute, we are a big fan of AdWords and all of its capabilities. Welcome, Google Message Extension, the latest way to interact with customers.

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Another Welcome Surprise From AdWords

Here at Parachute, we are a big fan of AdWords and all of its capabilities. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes the relationship can be a little strained but it’s all about give and take, right? We’d like to think we’re at the forefront of AdWords innovations and we’re still counting down the days until the refreshed interface is rolled out.

Keeping up to date with Google’s ever expanding PPC platform is vital in improving your account or your client’s account. This knowledge allows us to improve our ads and achieve strong Click Through Rates (CTR’s), quality scores and conversions – with one of our campaigns receiving a CTR of 34.94%.


Anyway, incase you missed it, we thought we’d share a little AdWords update with you which could benefit your business immensely. Welcome, Google Message Extension! As we all know, Google love, love, loves mobile. If it ain’t mobile friendly, they ain’t having it. This year alone, Google have redesigned the cluttered desktop Search Engine Results Page to look more like the mobile-in-line SERP, gave advertiser more control of their mobile and tablet bid adjustments, and introduced price extensions for mobile ads. They’ve even announced they’re moving towards a mobile-first search index.


What Are AdWords Message Extensions?

Message extensions, like all other ad extensions, are eligible to show alongside an advertiser’s Search Network ads. Setting up a message extension gives users the opportunity to start a conversation with you in the form of a text message:


You can set up your message extension within the ad extension tab at either the ad group or the campaign level.

We think this looks ideal for small businesses and we can’t wait to try it out with a few of our clients. Let us know your thoughts!

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