How To Get Rid Of Your Creative Block

Creative block…perhaps one of the worst things for people in creative industries. When your work relies on your ideas and you don’t have any, what do you do? It can get overwhelming when you have deadlines but fear not, read on and you will be full of ideas! Even if they are only ideas on how to find ideas…


Get up from your desk. Do a dance. If you can, go to the gym. Do whatever you want as long as you get away from your screen/notepad and move. When you break your routine, you often find new ideas!



Love Peter Kay? Watch a couple sketches. Relieve your stress and get those endorphins flowing! If you feel good you do good, right?

Listen to Music

Music (as well as being a distraction) can very quickly stimulate your creativity. Whether you blast it on speakers or listen through your headphones to drown out the outside world, it will improve your mood, relax and inspire you all in one. I’m not afraid to admit that the Pitch Perfect soundtrack got me thought many of my creative blocks whilst at Uni.


Block out the world

Although music and Facebook scrolling can be a welcome break, it can also hinder your creativity. If you have too many distractions on hand, it can be hard to focus on what’s important. Turn off your phone, step away from the TV and be in complete silence. Remove all distractions and you can hone your mind to focus on only what’s in front of you.

Ask for help

Lots of creative people often work alone. Having nobody to bounce ideas off of can cause a lack of ideas. Invite other creative minds over to discuss your ideas with or even just ask your mum what she thinks. You’d be surprised what others who are new to the idea will suggest.


Last but not least…stay calm. If you’ve tried your best and you still can’t think of anything, that’s OK. Rome wasn’t built in a day you know. Take a break for the day, watch a movie, get well-deserved sleep and try again tomorrow.



Now go, get over that creative block and create a masterpiece! Let us know how you get on over on Twitter @ThisIsParachute.