Ninja Head


One of Us

Ian Campbell Managing Director

Special Skills

Business Planning
Digital Marketing

A commercially minded all round ad man with a passion for results and harmony,

About Me: I have a passion for this great sector we work in, we can and do make a difference. I also have a ‘yes no problem’ ethos and fully understand we are in the service business. I worked for two great companies before starting my own Ad Agency, ran it, built it (with help from some really good people) and then sold it. Experience stretches from TV, Radio and Press through to the very latest Digital and Social Advertising. I have a sharp commercial edge and I believe that business is about people, I enjoy working with a galvanised and motivated team, raising the bar at every opportunity, maximising client takeout.

Aye: Westerns / Heat / Peter Kay / Breaking Bad / Road To Perdition

Naw: Green Peppers / TV Soaps / The word Can’t

One of Us

David Bova Technical Director

Special Skills


A musically gifted troubadour with a penchant for sartorial excellence and programming.

About Me: I’m passionate about emerging digital standards, technologies and frameworks and strive to use all three to progressively enhance all of our digital projects. I believe that because of the recent strides made by my contemporaries, web design can be fully framed as an art. I’m hungry to learn and improve and in doing so, provide elegant, lasting solutions for clients.

Aye: Symmetry / Melody / The Thick of It / Basil Rathbone era Sherlock Holmes / Beach House

Naw: The city wide scourge of co-ordinated crime specialising in stealing bikes, no matter how pink the handle bars are.

One of Us

Michael Haggerty Creative Director

Special Skills

Graphic Design

An exceptional digital designer with a fondness for waistcoats and DAFT PUNK.

Background: Michael honed his design skills freelancing his way through university, building an impressive portfolio of branding exercises. He possesses an intuitive understanding of User Interface Design, a boundless creative streak and an attention to detail bordering on obsessive. A true digital artisan, Michael will take your brand’s aesthetic to the next level.

Aye: Old School Gaming / Arrested Development / Robots / Zombies

Naw: Raisins / SWAG